According to recent news, sky’s the limit for ambient scenting—literally. Airports are discovering that scenting plays an important role in creating a positive experience for travelers and thanks to Prolitec, customers have taken notice.

Prolitec has partnered up with airports around the world, from Charles de Gaulle in Paris to SeaTac in Seattle, WA, to diffuse scent in spaces such as lounges, waiting areas, security lines, and restrooms.

Budapest Airport in Hungary uses scent to improve passenger waiting experience in security checkpoint areas.  “The positive feedback we have received from our passengers confirms to us that they are more relaxed in this enchanting scented environment and they feel the time passes more quickly,” says a BUD spokesperson.

It’s not just the customers that are raving about Prolitec’s scenting technology. Velana International Airport in the Maldives has been seeing upticks in employee satisfaction.  They’ve transformed their terminals, lounges, and restrooms into comforting spaces, enriched with Prolitec’s hassle-free technology for employees to enjoy.

“Our housekeeping department is very pleased with their effectiveness and also that the AirQ scent technology we use means that they longer have to manually scent the restrooms with aerosols or replace aroma oils,” says Ismail Shafeeq, managing director of the Maldives Airport Company.

Scenting provides a uniquely pleasant experience to all travelers, whether it’s those who are anxious about catching their flight or passengers with time on their hands before they board.

“An airport can be a busy and strange place with some people rushing to catch a flight while others have plenty of time on their hands to relax and wait for boarding,” says Raymond Matts, a leading scent designer for commercial projects.

“This makes them perfect settings for scenting.  Scenting, for example, can have a welcoming effect, drawing on the culture and beauty of the area to be visited. It also has the ability to be both energizing and comforting, in the latter case possibly helping ease the tension of those that are scared of flying or overawed by the airport experience.”

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