5-star Corinthia Hotel in Budapest has welcomed many notable guests throughout the years, from Arnold Schwarzenegger to Helen Mirren. In 2017, the hotel welcomed one more—our team of Prolitec scent experts.

We sat down with Lívia Bragyova, the executive housekeeper of the world class hotel, to discuss how they brought modern elegance to their historic building, distinguishing their brand, and creating a welcoming atmosphere.

Lívia spoke about how they used scent as part of their strategy in transforming the 100-year-old building into the largest 5-star hotel in Budapest.

“We decided to choose something which can make us different from other hotels,” Lívia said.

Prolitec’s scenting technology is diffused in lobbies, hallways, and elevators bays. The subtle yet noticeable change is immediately impactful.

“When guests enter in our main entrance, this is the first thing that they can recognize,” Lívia said.

Hotel visitors inquire about the new scent and the feedback has been nothing short of exceptional, according to Lívia. Guests are now treated to an immersive experience in every sense.

“It’s a good, really great experience for our customers,” Lívia said.



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