Choosing an apartment – a place to call home for years to come – is often determined by emotions more than amenities. Tenants ask themselves how the apartment makes them feel. With numerous studies showing that our sense of smell is the sense most closely linked to emotions, it’s no wonder that apartment management group Camden Living’s recent study discovered that 65% of a buyer’s decision is based on smell.


Camden Vantage Apartments in Atlanta, Georgia decided to act on these study results. The large apartment community has installed Prolitec’s scent diffusion technology in all hallways and trash rooms, resulting in overwhelmingly positive response from residents and prospective tenants.

“We get 99% positive feedback from our residents,” says Community Manager Greg Rice, praising ambient scenting’s ability to ensure strong positive impressions.

Prolitec’s scenting services help real estate businesses improve tenant retention rates. Residents associate fresh-smelling public areas with cleanliness and an attentive staff. Studies prove this increases perceived property value and brand loyalty.

Prolitec’s malodor-neutralizing fragrances help the Camden Vantage Apartments combat pet odors so they can provide the best environment for residents and their furry friends.

Camden Vantage Apartments’ partnership with Prolitec demonstrates their commitment to ensuring a remarkable resident experience – a commitment noticed and appreciated by residents.

“There’s a constant scent that reminds you that this place is clean, is fresh, and is somewhere you want to live,” summarizes Greg Rice.

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